Our Demands

We, The Portland Black Youth Movement have goals and demands that we need met to ensure equity in our city. Let Portland be the city that shows the rest of this country what radical change looks like. We split our demands into four sectors: education, housing/property, policing/jail, and healthcare.


  1. Rename every Portland Public school to represent the Native land that it occupies or a historically significant Black figure.
  2. Restructure and reword Portland Public Schools’ curriculum to accurately reflect African American history and include more of it. This will include one semester of Black history and one semester of Indigenous history as well as more Oregon history to highlight our States’ racist origins. Also spend the same amount of time on African history as European history.
  3. Require at least one staff for every school that specifically is equipped for diversity, equity, and fair treatment of BIPOC students.
  4. Make the budget for every school the same regardless of property taxes/value
  5. Put strict, clear, consistent consequences in for racist behaviors in school such as using slurs, violence, and harassment.


  1. Create a grant or fund program specifically for Black owned businesses.
  2. Increase affordable rental units to create more opportunities.
  3. Provide subsidies for Black residents to purchase homes.
  4. Remove federal lending guidelines that have restrictive or discriminatory language that prevent Black Portlanders from being able to purchase homes. 
  5. Reserve MLK Blvd. and Alberta St. for Black-owned businesses and give those businesses the same treatment when it comes to owning that property. That means not being overly strict on Black owners when it comes to the timing of when they pay rent etc.


  1. Abolish the police system as we know it and provide law enforcement through more trained and specific professions such as social work, medical help, counselors, etc.
  2. Encourage rehabilitation facilities as a first option at sentencing. 
  3. Abolish capital punishment in the state of Oregon.
  4. Defund and demilitarize the police in an effort to restructure the entire policing system with the final goal of abolishing Portland Police.
  5. Do not allow police at PPS highschool sporting events 


  1. Allow twelve free therapy sessions annually for Black people.
  2. Access to health and culturally specific care for BIPOC 
  3. Food health resources–provide healthy food options in Black neighborhoods to promote the longevity of Black people in our city.
  4. Require diversity training by BIPOC for every healthcare professional before they are allowed to work with any patient. 
  5. Lower the cost of emergency healthcare such as ambulance and emergency room visits.