Our Mission

We are a group consisting of 13 Black women and 2 Black men, most of which are part of the queer/lgbtq+ community. We came together because we want to see change start in our city and migrate around the world… by any means necessary.

We believe in elevating the power the people have always had. We want everyone to know that we own this government, we own this country. We will not leave any sector of this racist country untouched. We plan to tackle systemic injustices within our healthcare, education, housing, policy, prisons and of course the cops.

We believe allyship is important but white voices will never be elevated as much as Black and Indigenous voices here. It is past time the government took the time to listen to the young black girls. We’re here to stay. With intellect, power, determination, and the pain of 400 years of slavery on our backs we will be the change we want to see. We’re here to stay.